Holistic Regenesis®

Providing life-force energy which the body’s innate intelligence directs to those areas of the physical, mental, and/or emotional bodies that need it most.

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Visionary Healing Art

Holistic Art Therapies

A unique approach to healing, soul centered method promotes relaxation, stress release, and healing of body, mind and soul.

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Reiki – Reconnective Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

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“My angel reading with Sundi was great! Sundi is very intuitive as well and has amazing energy. I also experienced a healing session with a vibration regenesis device and felt that my personal vibration was higher. After the session I also felt extremely calm, peaceful and we’ll rested. I highly recommend an angel reading if you are looking for angel guidance as well as the regenesis therapy!

“Thank you Sundi, for being such a big part of my new path in life. You have helped me to see light and value in myself. A year ago, I couldn’t imagine the peace I feel now. I appreciate you for many reasons, but one of my favorites is the messages you are able to read from the Angel cards and deliver the messages from the Angels. The readings are so accurate and precise; it was almost scary at first. I was a sceptic as I usually am, but there is no denying the improvements the readings and your empathy has brought to my life. I am awake now!!”

“Sundi, thank you for being a gift and a blessing my angel reading was clear and resonates deeply with what is brewing in my life. Thanks for being such a clear messenger for the Angels with so much joy and love! I am so grateful to receive confirmation about my life’s path. You touched on aspects of myself that are personal and dear to me, your words enlightened me. I feel encouraged, supported and on fire!! Thank you!”

“My name is Tara and I have seen Sundi twice since October, 2014 for Angel Card Readings which have been so complete, reassuring and confirming for me.  I have asked Sundi questions about my current job and a career transition.  Sundi provided specific answers with any intuitive hits that she received during the card shuffle.  I received three cards per question.  The cards are painted in colorful detail and, through the angels, provided specific answers to my questions with worded prayers to assist me.

I also had questions about relationships and odd grief over a past WWII situation that occurred prior to my birth in this life.  The angel cards and Sundi revealed answers that were action oriented.  These were actions that I could take soon to process and release grief and memories.  Other answers helped me to move through relationship issues without anger, stuck frustration or guilt.

It was so very nice to be able to have a “live” sit-down angel reading with Sundi because (1) She let me take pictures of the card spreads at the end of the reading, (2) Sundi is local for me so I didn’t have to travel far and (3) The reading felt more personal and memorable  than an expensive telephone reading with someone else.  I am tired of expensive prepaid-book-in-advance telephone readings.  Sundi’s rates are reasonable and because they are affordable for me I will probably get the readings more often.  Sundi also truly enjoys assisting people through the angels.”

“I have had several regenesis treatments, often along with a de-tox.  After I feel I have more calmness along with more energy.  I really enjoy talking with Sundi and feel her and and Joe are knowledgeable in their subjects.”

“I am currently on my own special alkaline diet and detoxification program. I work in a mailing house full-time that is full of noise, mechanized equipment, electro magnetic frequencies, computers and huge back-up generators. This gigantic mailing house operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Holistic Regenesis is helping me stay in balance by neutralizing the EMF’s and assisting me in cleaning my inner house so that I can also hold higher frequencies. I am happier when I can hold higher frequencies. While I am taking personal responsibility with my alkaline diet I am accelerating the cleansing and transformative attributes of all of this by being open to releasing old eating habits and old thought patterns. Therefore, I also chose to get the Ionic Foot Soaks which help pull out the toxins that also contribute to feeding toxic emotions. The stagnation in my blood, lymph and digestion is also moving and breaking up due to the Ionic Foot Soaks. If you are taking responsibility for your health and your self and you want to feel better while doing it I encourage you to try both the Regenesis and the Ionic Foot Soaks.”

“I really enjoy Sundi Angel readings, they are fun and spot on informative! Keep on shinning! Thank you!”

“I am so impressed with Sundi and her intuitive  abilities and and angel reading. The angel reading was very impressive and guided me in  addressing issues in my life. I highly recommend her.”

“Thank you so much for being the person that you are. You are a true messenger from Heaven! I was lost and had some questions about the direction in life I should be following. Through your guidance and clarity from the Angels, I was able to understand more clearly on my life path. You are excepting, loving and non judgmental. You are a comfort to be around and a truly gifted Earth Angel!”

Aura Imaging

Through the use of the latest technology in Aura Biofeedback Imaging, clients are able to view their personal Aura live, as well as the size and shape of their Chakras.

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