Article on Brain Balance or Synchronization

Brain balance or brain synchronization is when both the left and right hemispheres work together; simply put they work in synchronicity. Usually one hemisphere dominates over the other. The left side of our brain is the logical or analytical part of the brain while the “right brain” is more intuitive and emotional.

Someone with a dominant “left brain” may be very good at Math and Accounting and may easily accomplish putting things in a step-by-step format. Ask the same person to do anything creative like painting, drawing or song writing and that becomes a challenge.

Thinking out of the box can be a challenge. This is easier for a person that is predominantly a “right brain” thinker. They are usually more intuitive, emotional and often more creative artistically. However, they are sometimes weaker at things like Math, Accounting and systemization, their problem solving skills may be all over the place.

The negatives of not having Brain Balance Well, when both sides of the brain are not in the habit of working together, “mind arguments” are created. It’s that constant mind chatter of doing what makes sense and what feels right. I’m the first to admit what a horrible feeling this is. You feel disconnected from yourself and your environment. This feeling can very quickly cause stress, self-doubt, confusion, anxiety and even depression.

A Quick Self Test So what’s up with your “brains”? If you’re not sure let me ask you this, “Are you happy”? If you are happy, ambitious, focused and confident then both your left and right hemispheres are happily working together. But if you crawl of out of bed ever day, unhappy to wake up, and you worry and stress about pretty much everything…work, family, money, your future…add to that a dash of anxiety and a pinch of self doubt and I’d say your brain is lateralized.

You may argue that I am describing the majority of people in this world and that it’s pretty normal to live with stress, anxiety, self-doubt and unhappiness. Yes, I am describing the masses and no, it is not normal to live a life filled with all of the negative things mentioned.

The Benefits of Brain Balance or Brain Synchronization The brain starts to create happy chemicals such has DHEA, serotonin, melatonin and acetylcholine. These chemicals help you feel better, sleep better, prevent disease, fight aging and enhance memory and learning. This helps you stay clear of that negative vortex. It helps you stay and keep positive, focusing on your strengths and caring less about your weaknesses. It’s easy to be optimistic which makes it easier to accomplish the things you want in life.

A balanced brain or a synchronized brain means having a balanced and synchronized life.  It’s a far cry from living with worry, stress, anxiety, and doubt which all leads to being tired and unhappy. How to gain or maintain brain balance? Meditation is a quick way to getting both sides of the brain working together.

Using brain wave entrainment products is probably the quickest way of all and there is a lot of scientific research to back that up. The brain quickly starts creating the alpha, theta and delta waves which produce all those happy chemicals, and with time the brain strengthens and can create these brain waves on it’s own.

Training the brain to create these brain waves helps create brain balance.

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